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At Aplos, our mission is simple: to help people live happy, healthy lives by providing high-quality, natural supplements that empower you to optimize your health. We're here to make health easy, honest, and a little bit fun.

Meet Drew

Hi there! I'm Drew, a North Carolinian currently residing in Northern Virginia. As an active guy who loves playing pickleball, basketball, lifting weights, hiking, and just about anything outdoors, I’ve seen firsthand what a bad diet can do. It can lead to weight gain, eczema, dermatitis, and make you feel like you’re running on half a tank—thinking it’s normal.

The Aplos Story

I started Aplos in 2023 out of frustration. Despite the crowded market, I couldn’t find a flavored protein powder without added sugars or zero-calorie sweeteners. It sounds simple, right? But everything out there was loaded with artificial junk. I wanted a protein powder that didn’t compromise my health or my taste buds. So, on January 1, 2024, we launched Aplos and began selling the simplest, best-tasting, and most natural grass-fed whey protein on the market. Just three ingredients, no funny business.

Our Vision

While we may be a small operation (it's just me running things from my apartment for now), we’ve got big dreams. The supplements industry is overdue for a shake-up. It’s time for more transparency, higher quality, and simpler, more natural products. We’re here to flip the industry on its head.

Join the Movement

We’re all about building relationships and fostering trust. Join our community of holistic, active folks who are making smart, healthy choices for themselves and their families. Follow us on Instagram or TikTok @Aplos_Nutrition and be part of the Aplos family.

Let’s make health simple, natural, and fun—together.



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