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How do I mix Aplos Protein Powder?

Here at Aplos, we prefer to use a blender. However, shaker bottles will get the job done as well. Just note, that if you are mixing different foods into your shake, a blender may be the better option.

How many Servings are in Each Bag?

Right now we offer 20 servings bags, but are working hard to provide a larger option in coming months :)

What's in Aplos Protein Powder?

Aplos protein powder uses the most transparent ingredients in the market. Aplos uses a unique blend consisting of grass-fed whey, organic dates, and organic Madagascar vanilla beans or organic cacao (depending on the flavor).

What type of whey is used in Aplos?

We use Grass-Fed Whey Protein Concentrate 80 from New Zealand Cattle that spend at minimum 96% of the year on a pasture!

Is your protein third party tested?

We only supply ingredients from the highest quality suppliers who test their products for heavy metals, pesticides, etc.

Since we are an extremely small company (just 1 person) and order in small batches, we're unable to offer 3rd party testing and keep our prices competitive. We want to create the most transparent products which is why we only use simple natural ingredients. We will have 3rd party testing in the near future; it's just not something we're able to offer right now :)

What are the Countries of Origin of your Ingredients?

Grass Fed Whey - New Zealand

Organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans - Madagascar

Organic Cacao - Peru

Organic Dates - Middle East


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